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Which tool helps to create Cloud services?

A.    Service planning tool
B.    Service creation tool
C.    Service management tool
D.    Service monitoring tool

Answer: C

Which technique enables making physical resources appear as logical resources?

A.    Virtualization
B.    Utility computing
C.    Self provisioning
D.    Grid computing

Answer: A

Which is an essential characteristic of the Cloud?

A.    Resource planning
B.    Resource utilization
C.    Resource pooling
D.    Resource reservation

Answer: C

Which is a key step in building a Cloud Infrastructure?

A.    Automate resource classification
B.    Automate service provisioning
C.    Centralize services and resources
D.    Customize services and resources

Answer: B

What is the benefit of a RAID?

A.    Improves storage systems performance
B.    Prevents disk failure in a RAID Set
C.    Ensures data integrity in a RAID set
D.    Simplifies distribution of parity across mirrored disks

Answer: A

Which statement is true about FC SAN?

A.    Enables object level access to data
B.    Supports a maximum of 256 nodes
C.    Provides higher scalability as compared to DAS
D.    Has limited ability to share resources

Answer: C

Which key requirement of a data center refers to the ability of IT to support new business initiatives dynamically?

A.    Capacity
B.    Manageability
C.    Availability
D.    Flexibility

Answer: D

Which are the key parameters that determine the performance and availability of a RAID set?

A.    Number of drives in a RAID set and the capacity of each drive
B.    Number of RAID controllers and type of RAID implementation
C.    Number of drives is a RAID set and type of RAID implementation
D.    Number of drives in a RAID set and RAID level

Answer: D

Which key requirement of a data center is violated when an authorized storage administrator is not able to remotely login to a server in the data center?

A.    Security
B.    Flexibility
C.    Scalability
D.    Availability

Answer: D

What is stored in a virtual machine log file?

A.    Virtual machine BIOS information
B.    Information of virtual machine’s activities
C.    Information of virtual machine’s configuration
D.    Virtal machine’s RAM contents

Answer: B

Which parameter determines the maximum amount of resource that a virtual machine can consume?

A.    Limit
B.    Share
C.    Priority
D.    Reservation

Answer: A

Which technology enables a physical CPU to appear as two or more logical CPUs?

A.    Ballooning
B.    Multi-core
C.    Hyper-threading
D.    Load balancing

Answer: C

Which Virtual Machine File System feature ensures that a virtual machine is not powered on by multiple compute systems at the same time?

A.    On-power lock
B.    On-compute lock
C.    On-disk lock
D.    On-VM lock

Answer: C

Which is the primary function of hypervisor

A.    Allows multiple file systems to run concurrently on a virtual machine
B.    Allows multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a virtual machine
C.    Allows authorization to virtual machine resources to users
D.    Allows multiple operating systems to run concurrently on a physical machine

Answer: D

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